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Tape Ball: All-In-One PNG Tape Texture Pack (10K)

Download Tape Textures for Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and After Effec...

Download Tape Textures for Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects.

Introducing Tape Ball, the All-In-One PNG Tape Texture Pack! 


NEWLY UPDATED! Covering 29 color categories, Tape Ball is a wonderful wad of 300+ transparent tape texture pngs scanned in at 600dpi. Slap on the perfect bundle of tape texture png graphics to patch up your photo and video content with authentic scrapbook tape textures.

  • Includes 300+ Tape Texture PNGs (Pre-Keyed Alpha Layer)
  • 10K UHD Resolution (600dpi)
  • Use for Photo and Video
  • 29 Categories of Tape: *NEWLY UPDATED!
    • Black Gaffers Tape (9)
    • Blue Gaffers Tape (10)
    • Brown Gaffers  Tape (10)
    • Dark Blue Gaffers  Tape (10)
    • Duct Tape (12)
    • Electrical Tape (10)
    • Grey Gaffers  Tape (8)
    • Light Green Tape (12)
    • Light Orange Tape (13)
    • Masking Tape (18)
    • Neon Green Gaffers Tape (9)
    • Neon Orange Gaffers  Tape (7)
    • Neon Pink Gaffers  Tape (10)
    • Neon Yellow Gaffers  Tape (9)
    • Orange Duct Tape  Tape (15)
    • Orange - This Way Up  Tape (7)
    • Packing Tape (6)
    • Painters Tape (Blue w/Text) (13)
    • Painters Tape (Blue) (14)
    • Rainbow Tape (11)
    • Red Duct Tape (14)
    • Red Gaffers  Tape (10) 
    • Transparent Scotch Tape (Clear) (16)
    • Transparent Scotch Tape (Matte) (13)
    • Warning Tape (12)
    • White Gaffers  Tape (11)
    • White Paper  Tape (7)
    • Yellow Duct Tape (12) 
    • Yellow Gaffers Tape (9)
  • Compatible with All Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Davinci, Vegas, Filmora)
  • Fully Customizable: Scale, Color, Rotation, Add Desired Effects
  • Easy Drag & Drop
  • Royalty Free
  • BONUS! 25 TAPE TRANSITIONS with Drag & Drop Alpha Layer
  • BONUS! 119 TAPE SOUND EFFECTS of Pulling, Tearing, and Sticking SFX


We’ve taken the time to deliver one of the most complete and hi-res tape texture packs available to download; while maintaining complete customizability of scale, color, and desired effects. Every transparent tape png asset is rendered with a pre-keyed alpha layer, so you can seamlessly stack and arrange as many of the png tape graphics as you would like in any software. There are no limits to achieving simple and/or sophisticated scrapbook tape aesthetics in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Davinci, Vegas, Filmora, etc..

Simply download, then drag & drop.
It’s that easy.
tape texture png pack
transparent scotch tape texture

Top Tape Texture Categories to create Scrapbook Aesthetic included in the Pack:

  • Duct Tape Texture
  • Scotch Tape Texture
  • Clear Tape Texture
  • Masking Tape Texture
tape texture png pack for photo video
tape texture transitions for video

Rip It and Stick It! Whether it’s a graphic designed ad campaign or a motion graphics package, Tape Ball is a remarkable tape texture pack that provides wonderful optionality in your creator’s toolkit.

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