The best design solves problems, but if you can weld that to
the cool factor; than you have a home run.

After you have a clear articulation of your company positioning and the tone of your communication; typically the next step is to build a solid brand identity. Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer and the foundation is your logo. Here’s how we help you fulfill that promise.

BRAND IDENTITY: The logo is the visual stamp for your organization. Many companies pair a logo with a line of copy, this is what is known as the dreaded tagline. As you develop or review your logo, consider the positioning statement you have. Ultimately the logo, or the logo/tagline combination, should feel like a clear illustration of that statement. Getting the brand identity right will really help. That little lockup will do some pretty heavy lifting for you.

STATIONERY & PRINT: Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders, and other printables are excellent collateral to have on hand. Print pieces can say a lot about your business. At their best, they will inspire your audience, communicate your message as an important one, and represent you as focused and effective. But when poorly executed, they can have the opposite effect.


PACKAGING: Development of beautiful package design is important in showcasing an extension of the brand language. We can conceptualize and execute cohesive packaging for a multitude of diverse clients. Our capabilities cover everything from hot sauce and alcohol/spirits label graphics to department store gift bags.

ILLUSTRATION: Capable of most illustrative mediums; pen and ink, digital, watercolor, acrylic, oil, pencil, and mixed media – illustration is a beautiful human element for books, magazines, blogs, e-zines and any number of publication styles.

REDESIGN: Inspiring redesign can actually change the shape of an organization and recalibrate priorities. If done well, it will intrigue, communicate, and drive interested folks to you for more information. Voila!


So ask yourself a few of the questions about branding and design from above.

  • -Who are you?
  • -Who do you want to be?
  • -How do you want people to perceive you?
  • -Are you designing for your core customer?
  • -Is it as simple as possible?

No matter if you’re inventing or reinventing your image, SICKBOAT works with you to make good on your promise to only deliver design that differentiates your offering from that of your competitors.

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