Digital & Web Solutions

Own the Moment. Digital experiences are not longer separate from physical ones.

Think of Sickboat as your one-stop web solutions platform. One that can build your digital ecosystem from the ground up with a cybersecurity first mindset.

HOSTING & CYBERSECURITY: You need enterprise-grade security without the cost, that’s our Vanguard Program. Manage access, backups, user management, infrastructure monitoring, compliance, with 24/7 monitoring and support available. Proactive monitoring, addressing issues before they lead to costly downtime. Have a renewed sense of peace of mind knowing hackers and bots can’t force their way into your site.

WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: We can get technical or we can keep it simple, it’s your choice. the one place your customers are going to more and more to look for information about the company’s brand, product, history, service, image, and culture.


E-COMMERCE: Shopify, Magento, Paypal, BigCommerce, and Square professionals. The beautiful benefit of e-comm is that you can react more quickly to the needs of the company and the customers. For instance, at the end of a season you can post a closeout-sale on items and be selling them the same day.

UX/UI: The website can be a very big tool to talk to many, or something that can be personalized when appropriate. That’s what UX/UI is about; taking form and function one step further with finessé.

DATA, METRICS & ANALYSIS: At nearly every organization, the ability to communicate effective business metrics — both internally and externally — is among the most important capabilities that can be established. The right metrics can help you motivate your team, stay focused on key objectives, create realistic forecasts, impress investors and become acquirable by larger companies. The ability to create a strong metrics-driven culture is arguably one of the most critical skills for any new manager or CEO to possess.


So ask yourself a few of the questions about your digital and web solutions management...

  • -Are you looking to start on a sound and scalable foundation?
  • -Are you designing for your core customer?
  • -Does your site accurately represent your brand and values?
  • -Could you use a store?
  • -Do you need more data and metrics?

Have a question for us? Contact us to speak to a dedicated web solutions specialist today to find out how to transition to a proactive and scalable cyber security platform.