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Euclid: 2D Geometric Shapes & Linework Pack (4K)

Bring the Universal to the Edit Bay! Introducing Euclid, our comprehensive toolkit of go-to 2D Ge...

Bring the Universal to the Edit Bay! Introducing Euclid, our comprehensive toolkit of go-to 2D Geometric Shapes & Linework Pack (4K)!


Inspired by the ethereal expanse of Euclidean geometry, we’ve rendered one of the most robust shape bundles on the market. Euclid is a pack of 375 unique 2D Geometric Shapes and Linework with Two Bonus Icon Sets that allows you to create complex motion graphics with drag & drop ease.  

Built to allow complete customization of size, color, and desired effects. Every asset is rendered with a pre-keyed alpha layer, so you can seamlessly stack and arrange as many elements as you would like to achieve simple and/or sophisticated custom motion graphics without all the time suck. 

Whether it’s a motion graphics package for a corporate video, a brand video, and a title sequence or transitions for a music video, commercial, and product video; Euclid is a staple pack that provides near-unlimited optionality for your post-production toolkit. Unlock the universal nature of Euclid and take your edits to the next echelon!


  • Includes 375 Unique Motion Graphic Overlays (Pre-Keyed Alpha Layer)
    • 4K UHD Resolution (3840x2160)
    • 23.98 FPS
  • 15 Categories:
    • Lines
    • Border / Rectangles
    • Triangle
    • Square
    • Pentagon
    • Hexagon
    • Circle
    • Octagon
    • Diamond
    • Grids
    • Patterns
    • Arrows
    • Viewfinders
    • Icons
    • Icons (Social + Business) 
  • Compatible with all NLE’s (Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinci, Vegas)
  • Complete Customizability of Scale, Color, and Desired Effects
  • Easy Drag & Drop
  • ProRess4444: 19.95 GB
  • Royalty Free. One license. Unlimited Use.


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