#OPTOUTSIDE: REI’s Battle of Black Friday
25 Nov 2015

#OPTOUTSIDE: REI’s Battle of Black Friday

25 Nov 2015

I can remember growing up and thinking it was ridiculous that people would get up at 4:30 or 5 in the morning, wait out in the cold in those outrageously long lines, then literally battle their neighbor for the latest Black Friday Deal. I understand saving a buck or two, but nowadays, stores open at 6pm Thanksgiving night. Do we really need more stuff or can you just pass me some more stuffing?

Black Friday started back in the 1950’s in Philidelphia, Police used it as a way to describe the chaos that ensued on the day after Thanksgiving, as hordes of people would flood the streets for the annual Army/Navy game. It has since morphed into a 4-day retail extravaganza, spawning Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. It’s only recently however that this public display of capitalism has started to encroach on Thanksgiving Day itself. Do you think this is what the Pilgrims and the Indians had in mind ohhh so many years ago?

PILGRIM: Hey American Indian, thanks for the food. It’s super good.

NATIVE AMERICAN: Yeah, no problem. We know it’s been pretty shitty for you guys out here, hope this helps. Well, we gotta go, they’re selling maze in the next tribe over for like 40% off, I gotta hit that up. Sooo, yeah, Happy Thanksgiving! Hey, I just came up with that name…its pretty good yeah?

There are however some that are fighting this forced consumerism. Companies like REI, the outdoor giant, who is publicly closing their doors on Black Friday.


They have decided to break the mold and #OPTOUTSIDE, so we’re joining in on the adventure. In the case of Stuff vs Stuffing, stuffing wins in a landslide. Specifically rosemary stuffing that my wife is making that is sure to put me straight into a food coma. I can’t wait.

Happy Thanksgiving, and down with corporate greed 🙂


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