Soaring To Success Short Film

Soaring to Success

content creation | motion graphics | photography | short film

Soaring to Success is a short story of a unique public school in the Northside of Long Beach, Ca. manifesting an inclusive experience for their students to paint a mural of their redesigned mascot. A Bald Eagle representing the school’s values – Respect. Honor. Courage. Leadership. Integrity. Underfunded as many schools are across the nation, the resourceful staff of Colin Powell Academy for Success led by Erin Villegas, raised funds via grants to partner with professional muralists, The Draculas. A Southern California-based trio comprised of artists Jeff McMillan, Gary Musgrave, and Jake Kazakos. Having fun and painting with the students during the weeklong team building experience, promotes the positive progression and innovation of public art as a means of building camaraderie and school spirit to amplify the current and future generations of the school’s youth. Let more students soar to success! Join us in the conversation for more mural support in ALL schools.