The Draculas - POW! WOW! Long Beach (2016) | Video Content Creation

The Dracula’s – Pow! Wow! Long Beach (2017)

content creation | motion graphics | short film

Lurking long into the night, The Draculas, a Southern California-based duo comprised of artists Jeff McMillan and Gary Musgrave; bring back the mysterium and fun to the 2017 POW! WOW! event in Long Beach, California. Keeping true to the iconic elements of the past, The Draculas, pop the lid and paint a whole new mural open for interpretation. Stop by and create your own story located at the V Room on 918 E. 4th St. Long Beach, California. The vision of the film surrounding the 2017 POW! WOW! Long Beach event is to develop a positive, common, and comprehensive narrative about how we can shape both the current and future generations of Long Beach. Directly helping to progress public art as a means of positive change; beautifying the community, and reshaping the fabric of our social, cultural, and local environment.