The Complete Dynamic Range of Post Production Audio Services At Your Fingertips

Our post production audio team of decibel designers and engineers specialize in building elegant environmental soundscapes for Films, TV, Commercials, Documentaries, and Web. Film projects, large and small. Utilizing our remote state-of-the-art sound design studio with the latest software and equipment; we offer Sound Design, Custom Music Composition, Voice-Over Casting, and Mixing & Mastering.
With over 15 years of experience, coupled with a passion to provide the very best audio experiences - when we’re not sweetening the sound and composing music for client partners, we’re building and crafting our own custom sound effects library and scores for download. Layering and arranging audio waveforms into a wide array of assets and packs. Simple drag & drop audio tools for filmmakers and content creators to mix & master on their own video productions. 
You can’t have vision without sound - just like cereal without milk. Add the earmilk today and take your future film projects to the next level.


We chop, screw, and massage the aural palette for each project. Designing and editing a lavish layer cake of sound that complements the on-screen visuals.


With the use of modern, high-quality recording methods, we create everything from the ground up. Our custom sound effects process involves three basic steps: recording, layering, and mixing to create a truly unique audio wave file.


We craft and compose distinctive sound scores using multiple modern instruments and techniques to support any vibe, rhythm, or emotion you are looking to achieve in a specific scene.


Our post production audio team will source and cast voice actors to achieve that perfect vocal pitch for commercials, film, documentaries, and more.


Our sound design studio is equipped with the latest audio tools and technologies to mix & master a captivating combination of soundscapes. Our seasoned sound engineers expertly layer multiple sounds to create dynamic, deep and rich audio mixes.
Contact us about our custom post production audio services for commercials, films, and documentaries or peep our royalty-free sfx packs for unlimited use in the shop.



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