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Create Powerful Perspectives with 30+ Prism Effects and Abstract Lens Effects for Video and Photo!

The Ultimate Prism Effect Toolkit for Unique Kaleidoscope and Diopter Effects with Drag & Drop Ease.

Prisma: Prism Effects is like having 30+ lens filters in your camera bag, for the price of one. A valuable tool in every creative’s toolkit.

Discover the new way to transform your footage and photos with stunning prism distortions, unique glass effects, and bokeh effects sourced from authentic prism lens effects and split diopters.

The After Effects Prism Template comes with 5 different layout aspect ratios (4K, HD, 1:1, 4:5, 9:16) for traditional and social media resolutions.

The Photoshop Prism Template comes with the same 30+ prism photo effects in 3 different layout aspect ratios (Vertical, Landscape, and Square).



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