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Download The Best Sound Effect Packs for Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinci, and After Effects.

All-In-One Essential Sound Effects Pack!

What are sound effects? Why and when should you use them? Who can benefit from having sfx in their video production toolkit?

Cinematic sound effects are audio clips used on the main video to stun your audiences and paint dynamic soundscapes for Films, Trailers, TV, Commercials, Docs, and Web Content.

In the process of content creation, people naturally default to thinking of it as a visual medium. Yet, consider what a film and video would be without sound. Sound design is an art form unto itself.

And sound effects are the building blocks to building a captivating audio bed to compliment your powerful visuals.

Whether you're a large or small production company, post production house, freelance video editor, videographer, or sound designer; we’ve found there is no easier and faster way to raise your rates, than to build out your post production toolbox with drag & drop audiovisual assets to speed up your video content workflow and boost the production value of your content.

Simply download. Then drag, drop, and change the audio level.

It’s that easy.

What are the best sound effects to have in your foundational post production toolkit?

Top cinematic sound effects to have in your post production video toolkit are:

  • Bass Drops
  • Braaams
  • Dark Atmospheres
  • Drones
  • Echos
  • Hits
  • Light Atmospheres
  • Risers
  • Tension
  • Whooshes
  • Winds

Upgrade your sound design game with ease and leverage the best sound effects library to create dynamic, deep and cinematic soundscapes for film productions large and small.

Era One is a truly versatile and limitless sound effects pack that will last you and your team years. Our audio engineers have taken the time to mix & master one of the most complete cinematic sound effects libraries available on the market; with zero compromises.

top sound effects packs

Invest in Era One today and take your films and video content to the next echelon.



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